NJPAS 2016, Volume 29 (Issue 1)

  1. Ecotoxicological Assessment of Chromium (III) and Mercury (II) Ions on Pseudomonas
    aeruginosa Isolated from Kerosene Polluted Ilorin alfisol
    G.B. Adebayo, D.O. Adetitun, H.K. Okoro, and A.A. Olohunseye
  2. Aerobic Bacteriology of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media (CSOM) in Federal Medical Centre Lokoja, Nigeria
    S.A. Ogah and J.I. Ogah
  3. Antimalarial Potentials of Aqueous root and Leaf extracts of Axonopus compressus inPlasmodium berghei infected mice
    M.O. Salawu, O.T. Oyebode, H.O.B. Oloyede, B.M. Adegoke, H.F. Muritala and F.A. Abubakar
  4. Air-Borne Microbial Load and Diversity in Some Offices in University of Ilorin
    Adetitun, D.O. and Oladele, I.L.
  5. Microwave Assisted One-Pot Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Some Imide Derivatives
    S.O. Oguntoye, G.A. Olatunji, A.A. Hamid, O.O. Olalere, and K.A. Otun
  6. Determination of Physical Properties of Almond Seed Related to the Design of Food Processing Machines
    M.O. Sunmonu, M.O. Iyanda, M.M. Odewole, E.O. Ajala, A.N. Moshood, and J.J. Aduba
  7. Effects of Packaging Materials, Pickling Agents and Spices on the Microbial Counts of Pickled Okra
    M.O. Sunmonu, E.O. Ajala, M.M. Odewole, A.J. Adebiyi, and A.L. Osuolale
  8. An Analysis of the Gender Distribution in Nigeria
    O.O.M. Sanni, N.A. Ikoba, A.O. Abidoye, and O. Job
  9. Antibacterial Activity of Lemon Grass (Tea) Against Organisms of Clinical Origin                I.I.Anibijuwon, I.D. Gbala, O.C. Ayanwale, O.O. Ayanda

Jointly Published by the Faculty of Life Sciences and Physical Sciences, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria