NJPAS 2016 Volume 29 (Issue 2)

  1. Influence of Fertilizer Application on the Growth Response of Celosia argentea Infected with Two Viruses T.H. Aliyu, O.S. Balogun, V.D. Gbegan, O. Ahmed, and K.E. Eifediyi
  2. Cox Survival Modeling of Neonatal Mortality in Nigeria
    L.B. Amusa and N.F. Gatta
  3. Prevalence and Incidence of Escherichia coli O157 in Domestic Goat Dungs of Okitipupa Township I.A. Adeyemo and O.A. Waleola
  4. Investigation of Issele-Mkpitime Lake, Southern Nigeria using Combined Magnetic Susceptibility and Electrical Resistivity Method M.O. Ofomola1, F.I. Chinyem2, R.E. Iserhien-Emekeme1 and M. Bawallah
  5. Effects of Water Stress on Growth and Yield of Tomato Irrigated with Magnetically Treated Water A.O. Ogunlela and K.O. Yusuf
  6. Overview of Poliovirus Surveillance Structures and Assessment of the Quality of Acute Flaccid Paralysis Case Search in Kano state, Nigeria. K.M. Yusuf, I. Isibo, I.N. Adamu, S. Malghemi, S. Yenyi, H.A. Wallah and J.G. Muhammad
  7. Modeling and Optimization of Drying Rate and Quality Parameters of Dried Osmo Pretreated Green Bell Pepper (Capsicum annuum)
    M.M. Odewole, E.O. Ajala, O.I. Obajemihi, O. Adeyinka-Ajiboye and S.K. Oyeniyi
  8. Effects of selected aqueous plant extracts on heamatological parameters of Plasmodium berghei infected mice F.A. Abubakar, A. Adetutu, O.S. Olorunnisola, O. Soji-Omoniwa, A.T. Abdulazeez and A.B. Aborisade
  9. Capture – Recapture Method to Fish Catchment for Estimating the Size of a Closed Population Using Otis Scheme
    A.A. Adewara and B.H. Ogunsanya
  10. Phytochemical Profile of Fruit and Leaf Essential Oils of Thuja orientalis Grown in North Central Nigeria. L.A. Usman, T.A. Agboola, J.O. AbdulWaheed, R.O. Ismaeel, V.A. Ogundele, A. Ibrahim
  11. The Potentials of Ginger and Selected Chemicals as Preservatives on the Shelf Life of Ground Seeds of Melon (Colocynthis citrullus L.). M.O. Arekemase, O.S. Adewum,  K.O. Abdulrasheed, T.A. Abdulrrahman, J.O.K. Abioye, J.O. Orogu
  12.  Comparative Study of Physicochemical Parameters of Some Crude Oil and Petroluem Products. F.O. Okeola, M.A. Amoloye, G.B. Adebayo, T.O. Abu, O.M. Ameen and B. Obiechina
  13. Estimation of Abridged Work-Life Expectancy In Kwara State Nigeria Using Kpedekpo’s Working Life Scheme A.A. Adewara, O.A. Kolawole and O. Job
  14. Effect of Ficus exasperata Leaf-Based Diet on Antioxidant Parameters of Type 2 diabetic Rats Soji-Omoniwa and H.O.B. Oloyede

Jointly Published by the Faculty of Life Sciences and Physical Sciences, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria